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Have you ever...

Lost sleep at night wondering if you will run out of money in retirement?

Or perhaps, you are confident you and your spouse will be okay, but you worry about the financial security of your children and grandchildren in an increasingly unstable and uncertain world.

There are a few milestone decisions we all make throughout the course of our lives that have a significant impact on our happiness and quality of life going forward.


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The Retirement Freedom Program

Now more than ever, Americans approaching or already living in retirement are asking, "Is my money going to last as long as I do, and what can I do to make the most of my situation and protect my family’s financial security in an increasingly uncertain world?"

I developed the Retirement Freedom Program as a Comprehensive System Engineered for Tax-Efficient Retirement and Estate Planning. My goal in developing this material is to empower you to make smart decisions with your money by educating you about your available choices and fully exploring the long-term consequences of your decisions.

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